What to do with Personal Prophecy

When you receive a personal prophecy, you need to understand several things. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly so that you can appropriate the maximum benefits from your personal prophecy.

1. Write out your prophecy, meditate on it, and ask the Lord about parts that may be unclear to you. Take your prophecy to your spiritual covering (pastor) and go over it with them.

2. If you have other prophecies from previous times, compare the content to see if there is a consistent throughout. (Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses…)

3. Realise that the first interpretation is not necessarily a true application. Several interpretations may be possible for the same word.

4. Witness to your prophecy with your spirit not your mind, nor your emotions, personal opinions or goals. Realise too that God can use a prophet to speak new revelation as well as confirming words.

5. Do warfare with your prophecy. (1 Timothy 1:18)

6. Don’t do anything differently unless you are definitely directed. You need to continue doing whatever you’ve been doing unless God has given explicit instructions to act upon.

7. You need to receive the prophetic word with faith and acceptance. (Hebrews 11:6)

8. Along with faith must come obedience? “Be you doers.”

9. Patience is required to see the fulfilment of God’s will.

10. You must receive your word in a spirit of humility, meekness and submission so that you don’t negate the words God has spoken, by having a wrong spirit.

General Guidelines

  •  Personal prophecy is not the only way God reveals His will to us although it can play an important role.
  •  Personal prophecy will always be in part, progressive and conditional: – In part- because “we prophesy in part.”
  •  Progressive – consider the life of Abraham and the promises given him (Genesis 12 & 13)
  • Conditional – whether any conditions are mentioned or not (Genesis 22:12, 16-18)

Prophetic Time Terminology

God’s Time Terminology is much different from our own concepts! Even though He is never in a hurry, He is always on time.

Here are some definitions: (NB these are only guidelines)

  •  Immediately – 1 day to 3 years
  • Very soon – 3 to 10 years
  • Now or this day – 10 to 40 years
  • I will – sometime during your life if you are obedient
  • Soon – Term Jesus said when He said He was coming soon – Over 2000 years ago.