The Fear of God

SCHOOL OF PROPHECY / AUG 2021 / The Fear of God – Isaiah 11:1-2

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  1. Diana

    Excellent Thank you Len, Amen
    Yes the Fear of the Lord is coming back…we will proclaim, The Lord, He is God!

  2. David Kranjec

    Brother I really enjoyed your message on The Fear of the Lord. This is what is missing today in the church and we need the Fear of the Lord again in our lives.

  3. Rob Eacott

    Thankyou Brother Len. This is only the second sermon I have ever heard directly relating to “The Fear of The LORD”. The first was by Brother Derek Prince who is now with the LORD & was given to an earlier generation. Your sermon of 7/8/2021 is for this generation. Unfortunately it is not heralded enough. Peter Pollick from South Africa did preach around this topic at Heart City Church circa 2022/23. I would be most interested in hearing your further development of church sermons on this critical subject matter as it is a matter I would like to take to the Lord’s bride in Indonesia. I now covet the Fear of The Lord. I have always known The LORD’s agape love. Unfortunately I have not always given Him His dues of my Fear/dread/awe/wonder/reverence. My need for the Fear of The LORD is not so much for the blessings associated with The Fear of The LORD (Ps25V14) but so that I can stand to serve the LORD and, not be totally overwhelmed at His presence. Thankyou Brother Len. Oh, by the way, how is the Lord’s work on your shadow going? Kind regards, Rob (Eacott)

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