the faithful and inconspicuous ……….

‘…. And the woman at the well took a covering and spread it over the well’s mouth and scattered grain on it, so that nothing was known.’ 2 Samuel 17:19

In great movements or times the strength of the hero is not always found in mighty leaders or friends, although they play their part!  It’s often the faithful and inconspicuous people, that are just doing what they normally do, who save a whole cause or play their part in revealing the next hero!

In 2 Samuel we read a few lines that is so easy to overlook of a simple peasant woman of Bahurim just going about her business.  As we look deeper we see God directing the actions and life of  ‘just’ a woman and wife devoted to God’s cause and recognizing her role in advancing the Kingdom.  Since the beginning of time God has a plan in place for each one of us!

What can we learn from this woman?

We see that she was a woman who knew the times and seasons and most importantly she knew her God ………….. she knew that David was God’s man!
She was a brave woman  ……… David had been to Bahurim before and he and his men had been stoned and cursed by men loyal to Saul.  So it was a brave thing to do as there must have been spies all around the town!
She was a woman who used what was in her hands……. she used her daily cloth and her corn, that was probably drying out after a hard day’s work of picking, to cover the men in the well! 
She was a woman of action who hears the voice of God…… she was not an idle woman waiting for God to give her a sign. She was moved by what was needed to be done and got on with what God has placed in front of her.
Lastly we see a woman who followed through and positioned herself………..  we read that the servants of Absalom came to her and asked her.  She must have positioned herself so that they could see her. She did not know what to expect but still she positioned herself in faith and confronted her fears knowing she could trust her God because she knew her God!

Will you have to ‘cover’ someone and allow God to work in their lives or will you judge them, condemn them because they are not acting according to your understanding of ‘religion’ while forgetting what relationship and mercy is all about?  The Word tells us that love covers all. Many of us would have judged David and his men………………. Are you looking only at the outside and behaviour and not seeing the heart like God does. Allow God to be God in their lives and stop trying to be the Holy Spirit.  If we don’t do this we become bitter, angry accusing women and will not be there to share in the rewards of the battle!  Like my husband says, anyone can see the ‘dirt’ but rather choose to ‘call out the gold’!

So to all those faithful and inconspicuous women out there. What looks and feels like daily grind to you and to others I encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing and you might be surprised ………. you might not shake the ‘world’ but you could be advancing the very Kingdom of God! You might even have a David in your own husband, son, neighbour or friend!  He might not always be there to have dinner with you, to kiss the children goodnight or even listen to your woes, he/she might not bring home good grades or look like perfect children ………. but if you can only trust your God for YOU,  you will begin to trust God for him/her!

You have been chosen to know your God, to be love by your God and then to position yourself, to use what is in your hand, obey His voice and then just to be YOU and I promise you, you WILL be going about your Father’s business and the peace that surpasses your understanding will be yours as you truly feel and know you are loved and can now love without conditions and expectations!

A simple peasant woman was selected in a crucial moment to save David’s whole cause, and therefore to save the cause of God’s kingdom!  It could and will be you!

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  1. A great reminder, that courage is an attribute of the kingdom and has always been there throughout the ages, lived and exercised by the brave. Listen to God's voice it will always reap eternal results,a great encouragement, to let God be God in our lives and not to be persuaded by two options, we each have a chosen destiny! Leonard

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