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A Different Spirit

We need a different spirit like Joshua and Caleb the two spies who went to spy out the land; they saw the giants in the land but came back with

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A Prophetic Awakening

Are we ready in this season God has purposed you for? As we read about Elijah’s prophetic ministry in 1 Kings 17, we note that he sets a pattern as

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A Time For A Solemn Assembly

Joel prophesies the inauguration of the age of the church – a time when all people everywhere can call on the name of the Lord, be saved from their sins,

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Defining Your Vision

Have you ever found yourself struggling to bring focus to your life, or perhaps you find yourself feeling completely unfulfilled and unhappy – even though you have what others would

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Deliverance of Demons – Guideline

1. Introduction This teaching is not intended as an exhaustive study, but merely as an introduction to enable us to better understand this ministry. It is important to remember that

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