Fired Up in Your Potential

We are in a spiritual battle like no other. We are starting off to discuss the Principles of how the spiritual world works. In that everything visible and physical is controlled by and results from that which is invisible and spiritual. Everything that occurs in the visible, physical world is directly connected to the warfare being waged in the invisible and the spiritual world.

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God Has Set Watchmen

We are seeing a setting in place of intercessors and prayer warriors in the nation. Men and women are being positioned and set as strategic watchmen. They are looking and…

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Tongues And Interpretation

INTRODUCTION: ESTABLISHING OUR PERSPECTIVE The infilling of the Holy Spirit is an experience subsequent to conversion. This comes about through a process of yielding the complete person into guidance and…

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Orphan Son Spirit

THE SPIRIT OF AN ORPHAN   THE SPIRIT OF SONSHIP See God as Master IMAGE OF GOD See God as a loving Father Independent / Self-reliant DEPENDENCY Interdependent / Acknowledges…

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