Our speakers - En hakkore 2021

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Len & Linda Buttner

Eagle Ascend Ministry is an itinerant prophetic teaching and equipping ministry that travels nationally and internationally. Len and Linda, founders and directors, have a passion and commitment to see individuals, churches and businesses fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny. They serve on the oversight on a number of churches and ministries in New Zealand. Their heart is to prophetically encourage, restore, build up, strengthen and equip the individual, churches, and business through training, equipping and personal ministry. Len’s heart and mandate is to teach the Body of Christ to hear the ‘Voice of God’ and equip the saints for the works of ministry in all aspects of their lives. Len has a strong motivational and inspirational style, with a sharp discernment gift. He moves freely in the Spiritual Gifts, particularly in accurate prophecy and is recognized in this office in New Zealand and in other countries that he travels to.

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James & Viv Anson

Faithpointe Church is located in West Harbour, Auckland. FaithPointe Church was birthed in 2013 out of the hearts of Pastors James and Viv Anson. Over a period of 28 years in full-time ministry, James and Viv have served the Lord in both small and large churches. Pastor James has traveled and ministered extensively in South East Asia over the last 20 years. His ministry is characterized with a Prophetic/Teaching gift with regular signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. Ps Viv, his wife, is known for her down to earth authentic style of communication, giving hope to woman to be all they can be in Christ.

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John Fergusson

John was born in 1947 into a farming family near Salisbury, UK. He gained an Honours degree in Agriculture at Reading University and in 1969 emigrated to New Zealand, where he met his New Zealand wife, Bron, from Hawera, Taranaki. After three years they returned to England to run the family farm….The Lord Intervenes…They became Christians in 1979, attending a local church. John was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1984 in the big tent of German evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke in Soweto, South Africa. They began home groups and Bible weekends. Six years later they sold to farm to move into full-time ministry….. They worked as international campaign directors for Bonnke’s team Christ for all Nations (CfaN) for seven years…. They began JF Ministries in 1999. John began Schools of Healing, to encourage the ‘ordinary’ believer to pray for the sick. Over 30,000 have been trained in these schools around the world....Read More Below