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In many ways a vision ‘comes from the future’. As believers, we know that the giver of all vision is God. Without Him we are

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Testing The Prophets

We look at testing the prophetic word and how to evaluate and develop the prophetic ministry in the 21st century

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Spirit of Elijah – School of Prophecy – 31st Jan 2019

In this generation of the Lord’s return, God will once again establish forerunners in the spirit to make known the will of God to those who have been awakened in these times. I believe that we are now at the beginning of that generation that will come in the spirit of Elijah. In light of the urgency of the hour, God is calling and setting apart forerunners who, like Elijah and John the Baptist and many others before and since, will proclaim the reality of the second coming and return of Jesus Christ.

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