Prophetic Call on the Nation of New Zealand

SCHOOL OF PROPHECY / NOV 2021 / Prophetic Call on the Nation of New Zealand

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  1. Sandra Morris

    Thank you for this word Len. A great deal to consider, a word for these times for sure. Many confirmations within this, both encouraging and challenging.

    1. Lindarose

      Thank you Sandra, may God continue to encourage and challenge you on your walk.

  2. Jennifer Nelson

    Thank you Len. Very encouraging and timely. Blessings in Jesus name.

    1. Lindarose

      God is good!

  3. Gwenda smith

    Thankyou len for the prophetic call for nation of New Zealand
    everything you spoke about this confirm in what i being doing
    we meet in eltham taranaki you and rodney spoke at camp
    i tell you today that the eltham baptist and harvest church are praying
    for revival lord has spoken me to go there from my other bapist stratford
    there is a move of HOLY SPIRIT in this church the pastor is new from south africa
    for 2yrs blessings

    1. Lindarose

      Thank you Gwenda. What a lovely praise report of what God is doing! We look forward to an update.

  4. Robyn McWhirter

    I would like to be a part of this please

    1. Lindarose

      You are Welcome Robyn. Please go to our School of Prophecy page and fill in your form to go on our School Mailing List.
      Bless You

    2. Lindarose
  5. Lee

    Hi Len, my husband is sent to this country sent out by David Wilkerson, for the last harvest, he’s fighting for his life. He has a Smith Wrigglesworth anointing,and cannot go to a dr, and we are getting hit. I need to know what God is doing within our family right now. I presume it’s a test but it’s very difficult,

    1. Lindarose

      Keep trusting Him as He is always teaching and leading us through the struggles and the victories! No man can stop what God has ordained for His people. We trust that God will bring full healing to your husband.

  6. Susan Banks

    Thank you Len, so encouraging to hear your message tonight.
    God bless you

    1. Lindarose

      Thank you Susan

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