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    Hi there Len,
    Thanks so much for these videos and audio recordings. I will certainly replay them. Often I “get it” more the 2nd time around.
    A quick review of the healing meetings. Re the lady we prayed for who was convinced she had advanced bowel cancer at the August meeting, she says all the symptoms have gone, she now thinks that nothing was wrong with her, and she thinks it was all in her mind! So, there hasn’t been a testimony of God’s power healing her. We give the glory to God!

    We had one man come to our September meeting with quite a few needs. I’d advertised our meeting on the “Bay of Plenty Christian Events” site, on facebook at the Lord’s leading, and he saw it and came. Praise God. You just need one to come to the meeting to make it worthwhile.

    So we press on.

    We trust Linda has fully recovered to full health and strength following having the stents put in. We continue to lift you both up daily and nightly in prayer for God’s protection and healing.

    May God bless you both and Eagle Ascend Ministries abundantly.
    BIG God Bless from Jan Morton.

    1. Lindarose

      Thank you Jan for your goodness to us and for your prayers. We love and appreciate you. I am doing well thanks. Getting used to the new meds but grateful that it is all done.
      Blessings to you both
      Linda Rose

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