En Hakkore 2021 Recordings

Hope you will be inspired to Follow your assignment, Know your authority, Govern your mantra, Contend for your faith, BE the Church, Heal the Sick, Prepare for your miracle, Come out of your cave, Use the gifts to edify, exhort and comfort the Church, Sharpen your discernment and Make disciples.  What a great time to be alive!  We were born for this very season so know God has equipped you with every good thing to go out there and be the light as you reflect the light of Jesus!

Please note that some of the recordings were not separated into speakers but rather Days, Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions. 

Monday Morning

Len – Fear & Global Shaking / John – Disapointment – Is There No Balm in Gilead @ 30:15min

Monday Afternoon

Geoff – The Preparation Determines the size of the Miracle

Tuesday Morning

Linda Rose – Contend For Your Faith / Prophetic Songs & Words – Roberta’s song in tongues @ 30:15 / John Authority To Heal @ 1:24min
Len, James, John & Geoff Words of Encouragement to Individuals

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Evening

Wednesday Morning & Evening

Len, John & James – Word Of Knowledge / Numbering the Groups for Prophetic Groups / Worship & Ministry / John Tabernacle of David @ 1:17:00min

Thursday Morning & Afternoon

Viv – The Church / Len Strategy For The Season @ 1:13:48min / James – Governing your Mantra @ 2:46:27min

Friday Morning

Words of Encouragment / John – Authority @ 0:15:11min

Friday Afternoon

Don’t Run From Your Assignment – Len / Group Prophetic Acts & Sharing

Friday Evening