The Eagle Way No 22

             Our Prayer for 2018

We pray to our Heavenly Father and we thank You Father for this New Year and that You make all things new. Again thank you for all that You have taught us this past year, the good along with the hard and difficult things. The joy we have of serving You, which reminds us how much we need You and Your presence in our lives each day. We pray for more of Your Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us, that our decisions though out this New Year will be pleasing to You. We also ask that You will keep our hearts in Your will, that our desires will be Your desires above all else.

We ask and pray that You will open doors that need to be opened and close those doors that need to be closed. We ask that You would help us surrender our hold on the things which You have said “no” to and that we learn patience to “wait” on Your “yes” during the year.

We pray for more of Your wisdom, Your strength and Your power to be ever present in our lives each day. We pray Your Word back to You that You would make us strong and very courageous during the year ahead.  That Your gifts will manifest in us daily, revealing Your ability in us. That the promise of Jesus in John Seven would be revived in us, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink (Lord make us thirty for You). He who believes in Me [Jesus], as Scripture has said, out of his heart [inner most being] will flow rivers of living water.”

We ask that during this year we remember that “honour belongs to God” and also as we honour all people especially those in authority. The Bible speaks of leaders of churches deserving of “double honour” and we pray for them as they labour in the Word and the welfare of its members.

We keep praying for the church “till we all come to the unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

We ask and pray that Your kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, that your kingdom will manifest in our lives as a testimony of your love, and that You will keep us from all temptations and deliver us from the scheme’s of the evil one.  That we will be sensitive to hear Your whisper in our hearts and to follow You with increased obedience. When You say run, we will not hesitate to move quickly. When we need to stand our ground, for Your Name sake we will hold our line and defend Your Name.

Our prayers are also for Your protection over our families and friends. We will say of the Lord, “He is our sacred refuge our fortress and our strong tower, in Him we will trust. We believe You will cover us with the shadow of Your wings, as Almighty God. We pray that we will continue to dwell in Your secret place, that we abide in Your secret place the place of the Most High God. We trust for Your hedge of protection all around us as You cover us with Your Blood.

We pray for the gift of discernment and insight, that the Holy Spirit will increase our spiritual sight, that we will see and hear and understand Your warning, Your calling, Your voice. That our trust in You, as our Lord will be strengthened in faith more and more each day.  We pray that You will keep our footsteps on solid ground, help us to stay true and faithful to our calling. Grant us supernatural perseverance to run the race set before us and to achieve the upward call in Christ.

Lord please forgive us for the times we have relied on our own ability and hard work, to become more self-sufficient, forgetting our need for You. Release us from living with an independent spirit. Forgive us when we have allowed fear and anxiety to rob us of Your power, love and a sound mind. At times we are too easily distracted by things of the world, that would seek to sidetrack us from our close walk with You. Lord help us to control our minds, from prideful and selfish thinking that we will walk in humility acknowledging Your mercy. Forgive us for not following Your commands remembering You are the way the truth and our very life.

We confess our total need for You, revive us again O’ Lord, according to Your Word, hear our prayers according to Your loving kindness and that we always acknowledging Your ordinances. We pray for Your refreshing over our minds and hearts, helps us to find You as we seek for You with all our hearts.  We pray that we will keep Your Word of truth implanted firmly within our hearts. “That You would grant us, according to the riches of Your glory, to be strengthened with might by Your Spirit in the inner man.”

We pray and ask that Your purpose will be fulfilled in us, strengthen us in righteousness with a supernatural lifestyle led by Holy Spirit. That the true charismatic gift of the gospel, the gift of Your power will make us strong and bold. Let the weak say, I am strong, let the poor say, I am rich, let the blind say, I can see, it’s what the Lord has done for me… Thank you Lord it’s Your power that makes the feeble strong, and meets the need of the hungry and thirty, let us hear the invitation “come and let us return to the Lord.”

Today we remember that we have overcome and conquered the enemy of our soul because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of our testimony, for we did not love out lives and renounce our faith even when faced with death.   We believe You are our strength and our shield, our hearts trust in You for this New Year. Amen