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Testimonies From Africa Aug 2010

Testimonies Reports on the African Prophetic Schools Rachel Njambi [] hello Len iam Rachel from nairobi kenya ,from gikomba church where you and your group

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You Can Hear From God

You Can Hear God's Voice How to Recognize the Leading of the Holy Spirit: As Believers, we all desire to hear God's voice, we are

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MINISTERING ANGELS Angels are created spirit beings, their duties are to worship and to serve God. They are a company created to minister to the

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The Holy Spirit Gifts

SPIRITUAL GIFTS DEFINITION: Spiritual Gifts are supernatural abilities distributed by the Holy Spirit to every believer according to God’s design and grace for the common

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The Gift of Faith

FAITH It is very important, therefore, that we understand what faith is and how it is to operate through our life. The subject of faith

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