Articles & Prophetic Insight

Enjoy the following articles that Len will add to from time to time as he digs into God’s Word

Unity and Intimacy

The Lord Jesus as Head of the Church is speaking to us and moving us from our comfort zone into the battle. We might not feel ready for the spiritual

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We Are To Seek The Face of God

Man was created to have intimacy with God with the fullest possible fellowship and partnership with Him. His Word promises us that as we pursue and seek to know Him

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Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

WE PRAY TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER We pray to our Heavenly Father and we thank You Father for how you have lead us this year and that You make all things

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A Time For A Solemn Assembly

Joel prophesies the inauguration of the age of the church – a time when all people everywhere can call on the name of the Lord, be saved from their sins,

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A Prophetic Awakening

Are we ready in this season God has purposed you for? As we read about Elijah’s prophetic ministry in 1 Kings 17, we note that he sets a pattern as

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Fired Up in Your Potential

We are in a spiritual battle like no other. We are starting off to discuss the Principles of how the spiritual world works. In that everything visible and physical is controlled by and results from that which is invisible and spiritual. Everything that occurs in the visible, physical world is directly connected to the warfare being waged in the invisible and the spiritual world.

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