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 Paul Webber – Businessman – 26 May 2008

 Dear Len

I just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful blessing you were for myself and my team at Plytech when you visited us the other day. I have got some of my non-christian staff members asking to come to our church and many questions being asked about how “this Christianity works”.

You touched all of us Len, and spoke truth and encouragement into many lives. It was such a priviledge to see the Holy Spirit work through you. Your insight and gentleness have been such a blessing and it is wonderful to see the impact that time of ministry has had on my business.

Keep up the good work – you are doing an awesome job!

Testimony from Trevor Lund in Canada

Here’s how I got started on my business ventures. I’ve been told I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but strangely enough, rarely thought of using it for business. But while we were in New Zealand, on March 19th 2004 we attended a prophecy seminar with Rodney Francis and ihisGospel Faith Messenger (which included Len Buttner). They set us down in front of the people they were training to move in the prophetic and told them “These people are from Canada. That’s all we’re going to tell you. Tell them what God is saying to you about them.” Rodney started with a message.
I was a little surprised by it, but we went to New Zealand without anything more than the knowledge we needed to obey God. Sure, I imagined awesome things happening because of my obedience, but I soon learned most of my reward would not be immediate.

There was one other prophecy recorded that day. It really stood out for me. It came from Len Buttner who is a South African who’s part of the GFM team. Here is part of what he said: Listen to recording below:

To be honest, I thought it was something that was a little off base. I wanted to change the world and how can you do that by being in business? (Don’t worry; my eyes have since been opened.) But my attitude changed soon enough and I was looking into starting a business in New Zealand.

I applied for a business course to help the process and my application was approved… and lost. The school sent someone to get me to sign the papers again… and that one got lost as well. I was ready to set up a web design business and had my first client when one day in church I heard God say, “It’s a waste of time.”

I was ticked-off at God and the next day I told him so. “You told me I should be in business. Now everything I try in business either doesn’t start or you stop it. Why did you bring me here?” I lamented. He responded “I’ve given you time to write, why are you doing everything but?”

So the rest of our time in New Zealand I spent writing for the local paper and finishing my novel.

When we returned home to Canada, I helped my Dad to publish his book that chronicled his journey through ALS: Walking Through the Valley – Dealing with the Prospects of Death with Bulbar ALS . While investigating different options for self-publishing we realized there was real potential for an emerging business model in Canada. The technology was available to make self-publishing affordable for everyone. We found business partners who would help us make it work.

We were able to purchase www.ImaginePublishing.com and Karen and I formed the partnership Immeasurably More to handle the business for it and other web sites we envisioned – www.ImaginePromoting.com where people can purchase all types of printed promotional material for their books and business. Another site is www.ImagineWriters.com where writers can learn about the business of writing, but also promote their talents to a variety of publishers.

My other business was started Ask and Imagine to empower our dreams. It is a creative services company handling web design, book layout and cover creation. We take on projects we want to support when we have the time to do the best job we can.

You need to live life knowing that when hear God, you need to obey God. In hearing Him, you have complete confidence to do what He says. Life is incredible when you live it knowing that if God doesn’t follow through on His part, everything will fall apart. Live on the edge.

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